The History of Marijuana in the US

Recent changes in the law across the USA mean that, in many states, an individual can now legally carry a small amount – it differs from state to state – of cannabis on their person. Also, some states now allow you to grow a limited number of plants in your home, for recreational use. The […]

California’s Best Cannabis Dispensaries

California has embraced the use of cannabis. Because of this, dispensaries featuring the best strains of green have popped up everywhere. Of course, finding the strain that works for you is dependent upon knowing exactly where the best dispensaries lie. In this article, we will discuss the best cannabis dispensaries in the state of California here.

1. MedMen

MedMen is definitely synonymous with the modern cannabis dispensary. And what’s more, there are 7 locations throughout Southern California for the convenience of those who enjoy a little marijuana from time to time (18 locations exist nationwide). MedMen strives to provide a wonderful retail experience for guests by leaving products in the open and inviting visitors to explore and decide what will work best for their needs.

2. The Apothecarium

You can find three of these dispensaries in San Fransisco. The Apothecarium is designed to reach a variety of cannabis enthusiasts by offering a plethora of products. The atmosphere at each of these outposts is different while still being inviting and comfortable to shop in. In addition, the staff is always friendly and ready to help you find exactly what will be best for you. Expect to find products such as topicals, flowers, edibles, and concentrates – mix and match and see what you enjoy!

3. Bud and Bloom

This is a dispensary, which is considered one of the best throughout the entire nation, that services Santa Ana. With a beautiful ceiling, hand-crafted wooden flooring, and convenient display cases, the atmosphere is certainly welcoming for those who are just beginning to explore cannabis as well as marijuana veterans. What’s more? Bud and Bloom is concerned about helping the community have access to this wonderful, natural product. Seniors are given a free shuttle to and from the dispensary so that they can shop and socialize with their peers.

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4. Grass Roots

This dispensary services San Fransisco. However, they also feature an extensive online menu for the convenience of their customers. If you decide to visit the brick-and-mortar shop, you are certainly in for a treat. Just like an old-fashioned, cozy coffee shop, guests are invited to pull up a stool and select a menu. Of course, the helpful and friendly staff will guide you through the world-class cannabis they offer so that you can purchase green that will rock your socks off.

5. Urban Leaf

Three locations of Urban Leaf service San Diego, California. From the outside, Urban Leaf resembles an upscale coffee shop. It’s only when you get indoors that you are met with a highly-designed and cozy shop for all the green products you could imagine. Guests are always welcome to inquire, discover, and learn about the cannabis products carried by Urban Leaf, and trust us – their selection is extensive, to say the least.

So if you are a resident of California, rest assured that you have some amazing cannabis dispensaries at your fingertips. We recommend visiting whichever dispensary is closest to you (or, if you like adventure, hit the road and experience them all!) and diving into the green goodness that is cannabis. You’ll certainly enjoy doing so.